Book Blogger Hop: Lunch date!

Friday, June 9, 2017

Welcome to my first Blogger Hop on my new blog!! This blog hop is hosted by Coffee Addicted Writer.
This weeks question is: If you could have lunch with any living authors and/ or book blogger, who would you choose and why?

I'm going to cheat and choose two people because they are so different they are impossible to choose between. First I would choose Anne Bishop because her fantasy novels are PERFECT. I didn't even like fantasy until I read her Black Jewel books.
Image result for anne bishop books 

The second person I would have lunch with is, Nicola Yoon. She writes the kind of diverse fiction with strong girls of color that I have been waiting for my whole life. I also love a good romance. Not only do I want to have lunch with Nicola, I just want to be her best friend.



  1. Nice answer....I love the graphics. A great touch.

    I hope some day you do get to have lunch with your favorites.

    Nice new blog!!

    Have a good weekend.

    Happy Hopping!!

    Silver's Reviews
    My Blog Hop Answer

  2. Great picks! I have yet to read any Nicola Yoon. I really need to change that!!

  3. Awesome choices! I really enjoy Anne Bishop's books too, especially her Others series. And I loved The Sun Is Also a Star by Nicola Yoon. Thank you for sharing! I hope you have a great week.

  4. Anne Bishop would be awesome to meet - and that's coming from having read the first book in The Others series. :)

  5. I've never read any of Anne Bishop's books, but I've heard a lot of good things about her books! Great pick!

    Here’s my Book Blogger Hop!

    Ronyell @ Rabbit Ears Book Blog

  6. Ohh great picks! I would love to have launch with both of the authors you pick as well especially Nicola Yoon, because I heard just amazing things about her books. Have a great weekend and happy blog hopping here is my blog hop answer.

  7. Oh, GREAT choices on authors to have lunch with!! I've heard a bit about Anne Bishop, but am not that familiar with her. However, since she writes fantasy, I DEFINITELY will find out more! As for Nicola Yoon, I would LOVE to meet her!! I have a copy of "The Sun Is Also A Star", which I want to read before this year is over. And I also want to get a copy of "Everything, Everything"!!

    Thanks for sharing!! Hope you're enjoying your weekend!! <3 : )


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