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Honestly, I'm just a Youth Services Librarian who knows what it feels like to love reading, and wonder what is so wrong with you, that no one looks like you in the books that you love. That sounds so deep.

My name is Kym, and I spent the majority of my life in Connecticut. My Middle School years were awkward, the High School years were frustrating, and my adult years continue to be exhausting. Hunting for books with diverse characters (with extra points if they're black with high maintenance natural hair) is a passion of mine, and I've decided to compile my findings here. One book at a time. I hope they're helpful for some people who are looking to diversify their reading habits, and those who are looking for themselves.

I live in Southern Connecticut and run an Young Adult books club for adult readers. We're a small but mighty group (that drink a lot. lol). If you're in the area and want to join us (P.S. It's not specifically a group for diverse reads, we read whatever.) feel free to reach out. We have a Meetup Group here or you can contact me at kymsbookreviews(at)gmail(dot)com.

Thanks all!


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