Blog Hop: Books that Messed You Up.

Friday, July 21, 2017

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Have you ever read a book or books you would consider toxic because of the effect it (they) had on you. If so which one. 

I was scrolling through my Goodreads to see if I had ever read a book that I would consider toxic and I found one. Kill Me Softly is the biggest mess of a book that I have ever seen. At one point there's a teen girl and man in his 20's in bed together a few days after they had met, the tension was enough to make me feel SUPER uncomfortable and I read a lot of raunchy stuff. The whole book was a mess, and all it takes is for one sad impressionable girl to read this book and make some serious mistakes. It's so sad because the book had great potential.



  1. That is a shame. I just read the description and it sounds interesting, but........ no. no no no no no.

    1. I KNOW. I had such high hopes for this book and it was the most disturbing thing EVER. When anyone ever tells me they're thinking about reading this book i honestly yell "abort mission".

  2. I would never read this book, that's for sure! One look at the cover, and I run in the opposite direction!! Lol.

    Yeah, I think that any book that causes a reader to feel VERY uncomfortable, and also causes the effects of reading to linger and linger in the mind, can definitely be classified as "toxic". The fact that there's a minor girl sleeping with a man in his 20s is enough to make me feel unpleasant. But the whole theme of the book is obviously disturbing. Again, one look at the cover is enough!

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts! Also, thanks for stopping by and commenting on my own BBH post!! Sorry for the late comment back.....: ( Have a GREAT week!! <3 :)

    1. Yeah the bleeding rose should have clued me in but I was distracted by the fairy tales. I know better next time. Thanks for dropping by!


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